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FTPPUT data lost

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Hello Everybody.


I'm currently working on a embedded device sending a set of data contained in an xml (about 500ko) through a GPRS network to an FTP server.

The GPRS module is a Telit GL865-QUAD and the GPRS network is Proximus (Belgium).


I use the AT#FTPPUT in online mode (command mode is not supported by this module) and the tranfert is in binary type.

The server is open active mode.

The serial baud rate is 115200.


When I send few data (less than 1ko), the received file is corrected.

When I send more data (about 512 ko) the received file size is less than the sent data quantity (send +-500ko and received about 100ko) and some data seems to be lost during the transmission !


Could you help me.


Thanks in advance



  • Re: FTPPUT data lost

    I seem to have the same problem but in downloading mode, Sending files works okey most of the time (I'm using HE863)

    try to increase the FTP timeout to 5 seconds (its the masimum in my case).

    Will look for that next week, maybe we can share some experiences and results regarding this issue