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    Hi Cesar,

    I like the dots/dash concept and the store/forward principle you explain in the white-paper, but perhaps you could share here some real-life examples of why customers benefit from adopting this approach? Your website and whitepaper don't reference any research findings.


    Also what does 'The Day Zero Supervision Approach' refer to?




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      Hi Lee,


      Good point.


      We focus on two things: speed and capacity, we are talking about 100ms scan rate each DOT with 2 Analog Inputs (10 bits), and 7 Digital Outputs, up to 5 DOTs per DASH. This is a big challenge for a wireless system relying on GPRS.

      Industrial customers are much more demanding than regular home users and our approach is prepared to use the whole GPRS channel bandwidth avoiding typical problems such as high latency, low bandwidth in peak hours and sudden disconnections.  We count on the telcos charging a flat fee on GPRS access, which is fairly common,
      3G/4G does not have a full coverage in industrial areas around the word. In some countries you can get 3G/4G between the mobile and the base but the base radios are not always connected to the internet with proper channels.

      We call it "Day Zero" because you can have a complete supervision system installed in one hour ready to show information from your machines. In industrial environments the ability of installing without disturbing the production is highly appreciated.