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M2M solution




I´m new in M2M topics and solutions. I have a client who is a gas and electric service provider. I´m looking for the best solution to provide at least 1 million ARM (automated meter reading) devices with the management software included, centralized in their control room. They want to monitoring the usage of the service, take a read in real time with a specific metering device, and if the customer doesn´t pay shut down the service remotely. The port interface with the meter device that they want to use are RS-232 Rs-485 and MBUS. And they want to transport data to the main server trough GPRS or even WI-FI.

Can you tell me wich solution are in the market to provide me these features and with the hardware and software supply?

I´m writing from Colombia.


Thanks in advance.


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    Javier G. Apprentice

    Hola Jean Paul, creo que puedo ayudarte con algunas referencias, te enviare un mensaje privado para compartirte mas informacion.

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    Hi Jean Paul,


    WebNMS M2M platform will meet your requirement.


    Request a demo at http://www.webnms.com/m2m/demo-request-form.html?demo=atmNMS


    For more information on WebNMS M2M solutions, you can visit http://www.webnms.com/m2m/index.html

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    Dear Jean


    There are multiple solutions available from the major vendors across the world , the leader into this segment is Jasper Wireless who have an end to end platform to manage and maintain the M2M Policies across any device...


    You can intergrate the Lysdis Gyer Metring solution which comes along with these ports and use the jasper cloud based solution on the subscription model to incorporate all of your smart metering requirements...



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    Jean Paul,


    I can help you with your requirements, my email is mark.brothwood@stream-communications.com, send me an email and i will go into more detail as to how we can help you.





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    Well , you can contact Ericsson or else , an telco operator like Vodafone have also an full fledged M2M Platform where they can give you the data package , M2M - command and control functionalities as well as that have a huge parter ecosystem to offer you best in breed vertical solutions to suit all of your requirements..


    you can write to me on vivek117@yahoo.com and i will share with you in-depth insights ...



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    Dear Jean,


    We are already providing similar solution on GPRS in India. We have a large scale solution running on the field. Our solution is specifically tailored for AMR. We use standards based protocols especially tailored for M2M communications (MQTT - www.mqtt.org) for sending meter data. This framework has been tested at a large scale and lot of support from big players is there. ex: Facebook uses the same for it's messenger and runs for 70 Million users. Please have a look at our web www.celllabs.com or write to me on vinpuli@celllabs.com so that we can kick start the things


    Best Regarads

    -Vinay Puli.

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    Jean Paul,


    Im not sure if you are familiar with RACO Wireless, however we may be able to assist you with this project.  Some of the companies and services offered in this post are great, however we may be able to help you with various aspects of this project.


    We specialize in helping our customers bring all of the parties to table in order to create a solution.  We initially will provide the SIM Card, Airtime Services, and the management portal which is called Omega Management Suite.  You will need help with hardware and software and we can help bring those people to the table for you as well.


    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have further questions.


    Thank you.


    Derrick Calderon


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    Hi Jean


    According to your description, I think your application will be like this:


    Power supply monitor and control system.jpg


    What you need to do is developing the backgroud program. It is not a big job. The GPRS DTU(TCP/IP) is charging for communication between Meter and Database. It is sending transparent data. If any other query, tell me freely please.




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    hello Jean


    if you consider using wifi solution, we may help you on the module.


    our wifi module support rs232/rs485 to wifi.


    please visit www.hi-flying.com for more information or my email will_wen@hi-flying.com

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    Hello Jean Paul

    E-lins tech's device support RS232/RS485 and Wifi.support gprs network, like this:


    Email: sales@e-lins.com