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Another nice vid

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    Very nice video. I was listen to National Public Radio (NPR) here in the US this morning and they were talking about a conference that is going on in Barcelona and the innovations of the future with respect to automobile providing valuable information to each other  to help control traffic jams. Obviously they were talking about MWC. I was very pleased that M2M is getting more mainstream. They did pointed out that there are downsides to these innovations for example people assuming that the vehicle with pick of the slack with them not paying attention to the roads etc. which can result in more accidents. I guess you just cannot win. This is still good news for the future of M2M with discussions like this on the public radio..

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    Very nice video.  Here's a link to a video that shows a vehicle transit monitoring system. 



    The device shown has GPS on board and can communicate over Modbus RTU so you can add on additional devices on it's RS-485 port and bring them back to a central system.  In this picture below Modbus RTU devices are the M-7K devices on the left.  We also provide free M2M RTU center which you can run on a PC so you can easily retrieve the information from the remote device on your PC.

    M2M RTU 1




    GT-540P: $679.00    Wireless Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit with GPS and 2G micro SD card for remote monitoring applications. Ideal for Vehicle Tracking. Has 6 DI, 2 DO, and 1 AI


    applications 2



    M2M RTU Center: Free    M2M RTU Series Management Software




    We provide free technical support so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time.


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