M2M transportation system

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          In the process of becoming a modern country, all the countries in the world are constantly developing and improving transportation system. Transportation system undertakes the function of transporting people and cargo between city and city, and promoting economic development. Therefore, the device used for transportation network must be persistently work in different operating environment and rapidly respond to the control center.             Four-Faith M2M communication products can provide comprehensive network solutions for train transportation, public bus, MRT, tram, highway, including monitoring, traffic control, electronic digital display, train command and control.       T public transportation system including subway, light rail and tram, because of its less pollution and large amount of transport capacity, become the irreplaceable transportation tool of big and medium-sized cities to reduce traffic pressure. However, because the population is concentrated on public transportation, and the flow volume is big, especially exist many problems during the flow peak period, criminals have opportunities. Now, rely on manpower to maintain security is not enough. With highly integrated network system, video monitoring devices in the train can real-time recording the scene situation from the different angles, then transmitted to the train or remote control center.             In the application of daily road traffic controlling, such as highway, tunnel traffic often use electronic display system, to reminder the driver of the real-time road condition. In order to rapidly and accurately collect, analyze and transmit traffic information, powerful and reliable network system is essential, so network switches have to sustain the double tests of continuously working and harsh environment. Train monitoring system is not only used to adjust the speed of the train, but also provide the whole railway system information, including the operation status of each car. These conditions are transmitted through network, finally displayed the status of each system by more intuitive way of LED light and digital instrument.               Four-Faith industrial router is designed by transportation environment. In order to ensure long-term stability in harsh industrial environment, each product of Four-Faith has a powerful IP30 metal shell, and passes through strict tests, fully meet industrial EMI and EMC standards. At the same time, also undergoes strict mechanical tests including free fall, impact and vibration stability. Four-Faith industrial 3G router can be used in extremely harsh environment, and normal working temperature ranges from -40°C to 75°C.               Any network breakdown is not allowed in the transportation system, because network breakdown may cause a great loss of property and even endanger personal safety. Therefore, when the system is interrupted, we use the shortest time to recover. And adopt complete anti-dropped mechanism to keep data terminal always on-line. Vehicle intelligent video surveillance of Four-Faith industrial 3G router provides more flexible, cost-effective, less time consuming solutions to transportation network with camera unit.               Four-Faith industrial router has achieved great success in the applications of railway system in many countries, MRT system in Thailand, high-speed railway system in Japan, and is known as the preferred transportation solution!