Introduction for Four-Faith electric cars GPS monitoring system

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Introduction for Four-Faith electric cars GPS monitoring system


According to the statistics, currently we have more than 140000000 electric cars, and an annual growth rate of exceed 20 million. With the car theft cases occurred frequently, according to a well-known electric car enterprise survey, electric car stolen accounted for nearly 30% , and rarely can be successful recovered.


Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd developed electric car GPS monitoring system, which was based on GPS satellite + GSM base station, can well solve the above problems. Once the vehicle has vibration, displacement, disconnect the battery and other abnormal situations, GPS monitoring terminal installed in the vehicle will send alarm message to the owner, is convenient for the owner rush to the scene or alarm promptly. Even if the thief stoles electric car, the owner can lock the position via message, the positioning accuracy is within 10 meters; at the same time, by mobile phone or PC to login in electric car GPS monitoring platform, tracking the stolen vehicle, will greatly improve the efficiency and success rate of investigation.



Main functions of the system as below:



Location query: query the current position     布防:车辆停放并关闭点火开关后,终端将自动进入布防状态,可在车辆被非法触碰、移动时,通过手机短信向车主告警。使用钥匙开启点火开关后,终端将自动退出布防状态。

Protection: vehicle is parked and turn off ignition, the terminal is automatically enter the armed state, it will warning to the owner when the vehicle is illegal touched, moved. Using the key to open the ignition, the terminal will automatically exit the armed state.



Power failure alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm: when the vehicle battery is removed, abnormal vibration, illegally moved, the terminal will automatically send alarm message to the owner.



Low voltage alarm, low shutdownwhen the battery disconnected, the terminal will automatically switch to built-in battery. When the built-in battery power is insufficient, the terminal will send alarm message to the owner, and automatically shutdown. When the terminal is re-connected to the vehicle battery, it will automatically boot.


System diagram


Product specification



Product installation



Vehicle terminal has spill-resistant capability, but also should be installed away from the rain, soaked places. Use tape or strong double-sided adhesive to fix the terminal, prevent the vibration to fall off. Should choose a concealed place to install, such as the instrument panel, under the pedal, etc.