• Reactive Power Compensation wireless  Solutions for power distribution network

    Part 1  Overview In the power system, consume large amounts of reactive power devices exist, the use of power system voltage of these devices will generate intense volatility, such as the impact of reactive power...
  • Can a 3G USA module work in GPRS mode in europ ?

    Hello,   I have been working with Telit HE863 EUD module ( Dual-band UMTS/HSPA 2100/900 & Quad-Band GSM850/900 /1800/1900 ) in europ area and I got the HE863 NAD version ( Dual-band UMTS/HSPA 1900/850 &...
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  • GPRS - How to detect a connection lost?

    I use Multi-Tech MTSMC-H5 GPRS modem, which has a Telit HE910-D radio module on board, for an embedded application. I am experiencing the issue that the network drops the connection without giving any indication. Basi...
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  • Renesas RL78G14 Development Kit

    The RDK has been pre-programmed at the factory with software that includes support for cloud connectivity. When the RDK is connected to an Internet connection through the Ethernet interface, “Cloud Connected&rdq...
    Joshua Simi
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  • How to select the chinese GSM modules?

    Hi Guys,   I m rookie in M2M field, need some help from you. We are considering to use low cost modules in our tracking device.   Anyone had experience in using chinese modules? I know there are several&nb...
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  • Cost of GSM module in volume

    Hi We are looking to develop an application which uses GSM modules for connectivity. I see that the cost of individual modules is ~ $100+ . Can anyone tell me what will be approximate the price range if we go to vol...
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  • SIM card for AT&T/T-Mobile

    Hello Can anyone tell me what is the smallest sim size supported by AT&T or TMobile for IoT applications? Do they support micro-sim (15x12mm), nano-sim(8.8 x12.3mm) or the newer MFF2 (6x5mm) standard ?   T...
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  • How to comfigure GPRS modem using android phone?

    Hello Everyone,   My GPRS modem work well. Usually i configure GPRS modem using serial port. Configure parameter like baudrate,parity,APN etc I want to know how can i configure my GPRS modem using android phone...
    Nalin Nakum
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  • simple .net program to return datausage everyday?

    I am just started to write a C#/Vb.net  program to use this API for getting the daily data usage and store them in my internal database. So that my company can see their monthly/daily/ weekly/ total data usage fo...
    sasikumar G P
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  • I am new to this API interface... can you guys help me on how to sync database

    I am just started to write a C#/Vb.net  program to use this API for synchronize with my internal database for my company. So that they can see their monthly/daily/ weekly/ total data usage for each terminal(Simca...
    sasikumar G P
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  • Telit 'Listen Socket' Problem

    Hello,   I have a problem on the Telit - GL865 module for listen socket. I attached below some screen pictures about the comm. datas too... Module can connect to my pc easly(AT#SD). But i could not connect to it ...
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  • Why paying for an embedded GSM antenna if you can get the antenna for free?

    The antenna at the picture or a lot of other embedded GSM antennas  you will get free of charge. There is no reason to pay for. You just  have to spend an area of estimated 800 to 1000 mm² on your PCB. ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Looking for a 3G Router with Ethernet, and serial interface and supporting link backup to wired.

    Hi to all memebers of this community.   I'm a newbie of this community and of M2M world in general. I'm looking for any suggestions about the choice of a 3G router which I need for the project I'm now involved. ...
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  • Looking for a SIM card for m2m application in USA

    Hello,   We are looking for a SIM card from local USA operator to use it in  our product.   We would need around 20M data/month (for a start), and SMS.   We are based on France, is it possible t...
    Hicham M
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  • Help me understand the AT command +WS46 for WDS-Side Stack

    I am developing an embedded application on a microcontroller that interfaces to a Multi-Tech GPRS modem. In their AT command reference guide, there is this +WS46 command described as:   Select Wireless Network +...
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  • Question Regarding TM-SMS

    Dear All, I am kind of a newbie in M2M world, but I am very interested in that topic. I would like to know, Is it possible to have/create a device which I can put a SIM card in it and when an special event happens , ...
    Pouyan Vatanpour
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  • AT Command +CGDCONT: Can I always leave the APN field blank?

    I am developing an embedded application to communicate with a GPRS modem (Multi-Tech MTSMC-H5 GPRS Modem). In their AT Command Reference Guide, it states the command format is:   AT+CGDCONT=[<cid>[,<PDP...
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  • Adding M2M capability to my device

    Hi I am new to this forum. I am trying to find out where to start. I want to add M2M capability to my device. For example, if I use a STM32 F4 discovery board and I need to add a simm board to connect to a 3g netw...
    Elaine Finlay
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  • Antenna proposal for GSM /GPS tracker

    GSM PIFA antenna flying over ground Proposal for antennas Pictures tell more than thousand words. I do not remember how often I have drawn such a sketch at a customers’ office. It is time to change this wa...
    Harald Naumann
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  • The Four-Faith of ZigBee module for Daqing Oil Well wireless monitoring application

    Topological diagram as follows: The oil industry is the earlier use of Internet of things industry, in the concept of things presented before, the oil industry is widely used in DCS, SCADA, PLC control system, to ach...