• The IoT button – Fantasy or Business?

      The IoT button – Fantasy or Business? Samsung and Telefonica do have „Lego“ for IoT buttons. Read more: http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=490141 Are we able to make a mint of money wit...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Solderable SIMs

    I have just learnt about the existence of solderable SIMs today.    In our product with have a socket, so the devices can be used in different countries.  However, it would be interesting to see if we...
    Sean McMahon
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  • LTE in a box

    Telit dev kits with everything you need to get started are available here: http://www.semiconductorstore.com/pages/asp/Item.asp?ItemNumber=LTE-IN-A-BOX-VERIZON 3G or LTE kits available - includes antenna, SIM, sample...
    Chris Binnie
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  • Looking for a data only SIM in Colombia

    We are developing a project that monitors oil well production and status in Colombia.  We have been using a Canadian SIM, on roaming data, but it is becoming prohibitively expensive.  I wondering if someone ...
    Shawn Kingston
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  • IOT News and analysis

    Keep up-to-date with IOT news and info with Exosite and read latest internet of things (IOT) research articles, analysis, opinion and comment.IOT news | Latest Internet of things news, analysis & opinion
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • CAN Connections on 2015 Merc

    Hello.   We have fitted a Tracking device to a 2015 Mercedes and we are not seeing any CAN data. Does anyone know where the connections are and if there are 2 different sets FMS enabled and not FMS enabled. &nb...
    James Whittaker
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  • Global Celluar Connection

    MCI is a global provider of package pump stations and retrofit controls.   Our current system utilizes a PLC and HMI with VNC Viewer.   In the US we have an account with Verizon using static public IPs...
    John Edwards
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  • IoT security patterns

    The growth of IoT is occurring at an incredible rate, justly raising alarms about IoT security and IoT privacy issues as we become increasingly reliant on these intelligent, interconnected devices in our lives and ..I...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • Apple Watch Drawing - M2M Survey

    Hi all, my telecom firm is conducting a survey on top M2M challenges. Please help me out and fill it out! We'll randomly draw a winner for a Apple iWatch! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BLD3FQH
    Jennifer B
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  • Apple Watch Drawing - M2M Challenges Survey

    Hi all, my telecom firm is conducting a survey on top M2M challenges. Please help me out and fill it out! We'll randomly draw a winner for a Apple iWatch! M2M Challenges Survey
    Jennifer B
    created by Jennifer B
  • Webinar: How and why the IoT is changing business models

    Traditionally, the main focus of device manufacturers was to deliver a physical product with the respective functionality and to maintain this product throughout its life-cycle. But times have changed. Join Flexera...
    Izabela Prońko
    created by Izabela Prońko
  • M2M platforms for enterprises

    Hello Someone knows how to connect enterprises using M2M?
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  • IoT, Soil moisture monitoring

    Climate change is a major issue today.          Drought, as a result, they felt not only in the world but also in our country. Distribution and use of water is considered the m...
    Vladica Petkovic
    created by Vladica Petkovic
  • GPS Sim cards

    I am looking for a source for Sim cards and service in the usa for GPS Units.
    Daniel Loper
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  • Taking much time to connect network in roaming scenario

    Hi Experts,   I am facing a problem to connect roaming network. With global sim (means roaming), it is taking over 160 sec to connect the network A and some times fails to connect. On the other hand, with local ...
    Rossi Otb
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  • Mass Quantity GSM SIM Cards in South Africa

    Hi there,   We are looking for a provider who can give us the best pricing for our project starting in South Africa. The SIMS will be used in our GSM module which acts as a monitoring tool, therefore utilising ...
    David Howe
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  • Help w/ Solution to Pass USB Cellular to Ethernet...

    I'm in need of help and advice on how I can use a m2m cellular board with integrated Cellular LTE modem USB port as Ethernet.   To be exact a device such as Connected IO LT1000S OR Multi-Tech MTSMC-LVW2 which con...
    Ray F
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  • IOT/ M2M Bike light Project

    My name is Matt, I am in my final year studying sustainable product design at the university of Brighton, for my final year project I am working on a cycle safety product. I'm looking for a modular device system with ...
    Matthew England
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  • FTP PUT/GET Freezing issue with Telit GL865-Quad V3

    Hello All, new to the board,   I am working with a Telit GL865-Quad V3, and as I run through the FTP set up process I have no issue getting an IP and connected to the FTP server.  The issue I am having is t...
    Jack Ferrari
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  • Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe

    Hi Im Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe for a project im working on , im looking for 1gb, 3gb, 5gb & 10gb sims, or a 100gb pool of data that i can pull from with up to 25 sim cards, i would like ...
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