• 3G for M2M in Canada and USA

    Hello,   I am very interested to know the progress on M2M using 3G in Canada and USA.    I am new to this and not clear on the understanding of migration (if there is??) from 2G to 3G in Canada and U...
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  • Can a magician publish the magic tricks?

    As many already know, I am interested in antennas. My great interest is integrated antennas. Such antennas can be found in gateways for electricity meters, but also in portable point of sale systems. Even permanently ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Certification

    Hello,   Can someone give me additional insights concerning certification process and its difference between Europe and the US?   Are there specific requirements also in Asia?   I will have to deploy...
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  • Telit GE864-QUAD SIM failures

    We have an M2M application that uses a GE864-QUAD module. This uses GPRS primarily with periodic connections (maybe 20 to 50 connections per day each around 10 minutes or so in duration) to a server. We have a probl...
    Iain Tebbutt
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  • Feedback from the IoT Meetup in Munich

    The topic on this evening was “Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons”.http://www.meetup.com/IoTMunich/events/219391820/?_af_eid=219391820&_af=event&a=uc1_te Thanks to all part...
    Harald Naumann
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  • In need of a Fixed IP m2m solution!

    Hi,   We are currently investigating whether M2M is the solution we require as we are developing an industrial data logging application which will run in a remote location. The basic principles of the logging ap...
    Matt Seymour
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  • Are you looking for a data integration platform for M2M/IoT devices?

    It could be daunting to find a platform to integrate the data from the devices to the backend systems and applications. It will be awesome if you could integrate any device and sensors to any applications using open, ...
    Bramh Gupta
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  • Movement analytics – an untapped revenue opportunity for mobile network operators

    On Mon 16th February, M2M research and consultancy firm Machina Research are holding a webinar entitled – Movement analytics – an untapped revenue opportunity for mobile network operators.   Few mobi...
    Izabela Prońko
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  • X509 Certificates for Authentication with AT&T Jasper Control Center

    Looking for either pointer to a documentation or technical support on the process for setting up X.509 Certificates for authentication with the AT&T Jasper Web Service, here's the URL that I'm connecting to: ...
    John Byrne
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  • network simulator for testing device

    Our manufacturing is done in China and we would like to test the connectivity of the device before packaging and distribution. But we don't have good coverage there and don't want to pay the roaming rates to connect. ...
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  • How to test AT&T control center Jasper Push APIs

    How can i test the AT&Ts control center push API. I can see where I can create rules but i just want sample data types. to see the format of the data. Is there any way to do this. IE can i have the push APIs just ...
    frank visaggio
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  • All About Video Branding

    Recently a laptop was submitted in my experience for diagnosis and rectification of this error. The things i assumed incorrectly to act as a 5 minute job proved to turn into a 10 hour job. This won't reported was simp...
    online games
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  • Jasper APIS

    Hi All,   subject : I need Licence Key and Message ID to access Jasper APIS.   We purchase 100 jasper Sim for our devices and we are provided with Control Center to manage SIM . Now we need to integrate Ja...
    VishalManney Ashok
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  • Free GSM Roaming of GPRS/SMS Service in West Africa

    Hi all,   I am located in Nigeria, West Africa. We are VAR/integrator/Distributor of data SIM cards for M2M solution and wireless connectivity products and services in this region. My current predicament is that...
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  • gprs para gps

    he buscado un sim para activar un dispositivo gps y no lo he encontrado.sera que es una sim especial' que deberia hacer?
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  • M2M Data Europe

    we will be launching new m2m network  in a few days, it works in all european country, PM me if you need more info. It ranges from $80 - $100 per 1GB  Data.
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  • looking for connectivity pricing (Europe)

    Hello,   I am looking for connectivity providers and am hoping to find the best price available. I am undecided about whether an MNO or MVNO is a better option.  Looking for any providers who can share a d...
    Victoria S
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  • Need advice in choosing cellular module

    Hey guys,   I need some help in choosing a cellular module for a device I am working on. Essentially I am building a very simple cell phone. It doesn't matter if the module uses GSM or CDMA, it just needs to con...
    Micah Kurtz
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  • agent1 job1

    does anyone have a link for job 1, please post.  thank you!
    aicha lavan
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  • Telit HE910 Cannot get context after sleeping

    Hello   I am having trouble establishing context after sleep.  So below I communicate with server and go to sleep:   AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 0 AT+CGREG? +CGREG: 0,1 0 {uC:20000}AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,xxxxxx.com...
    Timofey Sitnikov
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