• Mobily and Jasper go Live in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Mobily and Jasper Go Live in Saudi Arabia - M2M Magazine   Great news for the Gulf region.  This is the second operator launching with Jasper Wireless.
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  • GL865-at#sd

    Hi dears, I'm using the Telit GL865-QUAD to open a socket and to send some informations to a server. My problem is that after connect using the command AT#SD, I lose the telit control. I sends the +++ command without ...
    Naur Nogueira
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  • SecureSMS for field workforce

    Try http://SecureSMS.io if you need to send SMS from a field workforce to your devices containing Jasper Platform SIMs.   Bring Your Own Identity - Then apply your Jasper platform credentials and the API/Product...
    Craig Morton
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  • Four-Faith F3834 4G LTE ROUTER with VPN & WIFI

         F3834 F3834 4G LTE ROUTER with VPN & WIFI  is a kind of cellular terminal device that provides large data transmission function by public LTE/WCDMA network.     ...
    vincent wang
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  • GPRS module selection

    Hello, we are developing one M2M application as per industrial standards. We want to collect the data from different types of sensors and bring it to my embedded device. Also from embedded device to the server. Which ...
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  • 3G for M2M in Canada and USA

    Hello,   I am very interested to know the progress on M2M using 3G in Canada and USA.    I am new to this and not clear on the understanding of migration (if there is??) from 2G to 3G in Canada and U...
    Brett R
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  • Securevpn Connection

    VPN creates a tunnel between your laptop and therefore the remote server. All data getting into the tunnel is encrypted and decrypted at the receiving purpose. Any knowledge that isn't encrypted won't be ready to ente...
    Alan Wade
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  • IP address assignment in GPRS

    I have been trying to get some information on how a GPRS module can communicate bidirectionally with a PC that is connected to the Internet via a static IP address. I have reviewed the available posts on this forum as...
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  • M2M solution

    Hello:   I´m new in M2M topics and solutions. I have a client who is a gas and electric service provider. I´m looking for the best solution to provide at least 1 million ARM (automated meter reading)...
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  • Develop on a LTE network

    Hi, I am currently designing my senior project for university and will be working with a Sierra Wireless MC7700 Module. I want this module to be able to connect with an LTE network for development. But Verizon and AT...
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  • Low-cost M2M Modules? M2M in Less Developed Countries?

    Hi everyone,   I'm currently doing some research on the usage of M2M in less developed countries. Initially I found that the M2M module prices are pretty high... or maybe I have been looking in the wrong places....
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  • GSM/GPRS certified module selection

    Hello! I need a little help with module manufacturer selection. Basically, we want to include in our design a pre-certified module and we are currently considering Telit, Sierra wireless and Cinterion. Based on Your e...
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  • M2M IoT Cookbook - How to develop a device based on wireless modules?

         Content 1    Why to write the M2M IoT Cookbook?    5 2    Fundamental considerations before starting the M2M project    5 3 ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • VAS for M2M in mobile operators' networks

    There are plenty of articles as http://www.telecomengine.com/article/m2m-value-added-services-generate-10-billion-revenue-2017 but they are too vague .. What are going to be Value added services in M2M messaging? Ho...
    Karel Berkovec
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  • Cost effective GSM SIM card & SMS service providers in USA.

    I need a list of cost effective SMS message providers over GSM in USA?  Pricing for sim cards and messaging service also encouraged.   Message was edited by: Rejoanul Islam
    Rejoanul Islam
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  • Low cost GPRS+Inputs module

    Hello,   I am looking for a module that will allow me to sample a few inputs and transmit them to a web server over GPRS connection. The requirements are as follows: Minimum of 4 Digital Inputs 1 Analog Input...
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  • Needed!! Service provider Data network Mediterranean

    Hi All, We are looking for a service provider that can help us with service for our clients 200+ and growing. We need data service in Spain - Italy - France - Malta - Croatie - Greece - Turkey. Data packages are...
    dennis henry
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  • Forget Connectivity – M2M is All About Device and Data Management

    Join our next, analyst led webinar on Wednesday 5th February, 9:00am ET / 2:00pm UK to learn the following: How do IoT and M2M relate to each other? How will IoT affect the way we design and implement M2M systems? ...
    Izabela Prońko
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  • Jasper sim card

    Hello all. I am just starting out and need a lot of help!!.   I bought a Arduino and wireless module with a sim900 on board from China for use in the UK. I got a Vodafone pay as you go Sim card from Tesco and s...
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  • M2M Advanced Learning Platforms

    SuperLab.TV is inviting all M2M developers to take a look at our new open source / open hardware Advanced Learning Platforms.  We are designing these platforms for Corporate R&D teams, Engineers, Developers a...
    Guy Cobb
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