• Mass Quantity GSM SIM Cards in South Africa

    Hi there,   We are looking for a provider who can give us the best pricing for our project starting in South Africa. The SIMS will be used in our GSM module which acts as a monitoring tool, therefore utilising ...
    David Howe
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  • Simple 2-button M2M device

    Hi   I'm looking for simple 2-button device that looks like a PC mouse: - Cable = power supply - left button = send SMS with text 'abc1' to MSISDN xxx - right button = send SMS with text 'abc2' to MSISDN xxx ...
    Olivier Thyes
    created by Olivier Thyes
  • Help w/ Solution to Pass USB Cellular to Ethernet...

    I'm in need of help and advice on how I can use a m2m cellular board with integrated Cellular LTE modem USB port as Ethernet.   To be exact a device such as Connected IO LT1000S OR Multi-Tech MTSMC-LVW2 which con...
    Ray F
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  • IOT/ M2M Bike light Project

    My name is Matt, I am in my final year studying sustainable product design at the university of Brighton, for my final year project I am working on a cycle safety product. I'm looking for a modular device system with ...
    Matthew England
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  • FTP PUT/GET Freezing issue with Telit GL865-Quad V3

    Hello All, new to the board,   I am working with a Telit GL865-Quad V3, and as I run through the FTP set up process I have no issue getting an IP and connected to the FTP server.  The issue I am having is t...
    Jack Ferrari
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  • Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe

    Hi Im Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe for a project im working on , im looking for 1gb, 3gb, 5gb & 10gb sims, or a 100gb pool of data that i can pull from with up to 25 sim cards, i would like ...
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  • Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem for Refrigerated Container

    Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem for Refrigerated ContainerDate: 2014-09-03   Hits:232   Model : Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem Industries : system integrator Application: A customer from New Z...
    Ian zheng
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  • Does AT&T Dev Kit have Gemalto M2M Plug 105 SIM?

    Does AT&T Dev Kit have Gemalto M2M Plug 105 SIM? att.m2m.com/devkit/   I am looking for Gemalto M2M Plug 105 SIM or equivalent because ordinary SIM ATT SKU#40952 warps at temperature below -30C and ME fails...
    Padam Swar
    created by Padam Swar
  • Looking for a data only SIM in Colombia

    We are developing a project that monitors oil well production and status in Colombia.  We have been using a Canadian SIM, on roaming data, but it is becoming prohibitively expensive.  I wondering if someone ...
    Shawn Kingston
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  • Taking much time to connect network in roaming scenario

    Hi Experts,   I am facing a problem to connect roaming network. With global sim (means roaming), it is taking over 160 sec to connect the network A and some times fails to connect. On the other hand, with local ...
    Rossi Otb
    created by Rossi Otb
  • Global SIM??

    Hi All,   I have been reading on the forum and trying to understand the concept of Global SIM which is what Vodafone as an example has globally across all the operators. Has anyone worked or knows how there solu...
    AZ Sher
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  • AT&T 2G Sunset: Shutting off locations before 2017?

    I'm hearing rumblings that AT&T may have and continues to shut down local markets for 2G.  My question is, are they really shutting down 2G prior to the Sunset date?  Or is this a misunderstanding that t...
    Jim Crowder
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  • M2M for e-health

    I would like to ask , what kind of identification is used to send  critical data from M2M device to M2M server using wireless network ( Wi-Fi). for example if data is collected form  patient at home  re...
    suhair bana
    created by suhair bana

    We are the Distributor of GLOBAL Telecoms. Our customers are retail stores, Supper Market, Gas station. We are interesting to launch an International Roaming SIM at competitive pricing,  looking  MVNO part ...
  • NFV Roundtable Part 2: Mitigating Deployment Risks

    This roundtable will examine the deployment challenges operators face as they virtualise their network functions.   We’ll discuss: • Why virtualised VoLTE and virtualised CPE are the first NFV use ca...
    Izabela Prońko
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  • Gateway Router for CCTV Viewing System.pdf

    Gateway Router for CCTV Viewing System
    Ian zheng
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  • SIM PIN code

    How can I find the PIN code associated with my sim card?
    Julio Colon
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  • SendSMS sub is throwing error

    Hi I am trying to integrate rogers api with my system to send messages to devices using sim numbers. but it is throwing  System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Validation error   following is my cod...
    Sukhvinder Singh
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  • GPS Sim cards

    I am looking for a source for Sim cards and service in the usa for GPS Units.
    Daniel Loper
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  • Providers of m2m connectivity globally

    Hi,   I am looking for some guidance on how 2 things - providers and potential pricing.   The m2m device is will connect to the network but not frequently and generate small amounts of data, i.e., not more...
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