• M2M Bridge Monitoring

    Strain Gauge input modules are used to monitor strain of bridges.  Based on the information , programmable cellular controllers running C Language programs send SMS text message notifications out so the bridges c...
    Maria Lemone
    created by Maria Lemone
  • IoT, Soil moisture monitoring

    Climate change is a major issue today.          Drought, as a result, they felt not only in the world but also in our country. Distribution and use of water is considered the m...
    Vladica Petkovic
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  • SendSMS sub is throwing error

    Hi I am trying to integrate rogers api with my system to send messages to devices using sim numbers. but it is throwing  System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Validation error   following is my cod...
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  • Free Web Training on IoT Controllers April 15th at 10am PDT

    We are providing a free webinar on IoT Controllers on April 15th at 10am PDT.   In this Free Webinar on Configurable & Expandable Modbus IoT Controllers You Will Learn About IoT: Internet of Things MQTT: M...
    Maria Lemone
    created by Maria Lemone
  • IoT Security: the tools needed to assess vulnerabilities and how to protect your information

    Event date: March 16th 2016 16:00 London | 17:00 Paris | 12:00 New York | 20:00 Dubai As more and more devices are becoming connected, threats to data and other cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent. This one hour...
    Izabela Prońko
    created by Izabela Prońko
  • Which embedded antenna to select for your LPWAN / NB-IoT module?

    Embedded LPWAN & NB-IoT antenna consideration  On first quick look the choosing of the right integrated antenna for LPWAN & NB-IoT looks easy. In comparison to the large number of LTE bands the selection ...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann
  • WIFI Rotuers in bus & public space application

    There are many kinds of WIFI Routers, what kind of functions/characteristics you think is useful in bus & public space application? 1. security 2. speed 3. stability and signal strength 4. no annoying register...
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  • Need to send email alerts from Novatel SA-G+ 2-digital-input wireless telemetry devices via server.

    Seeking freelancer for small project: Project Description:   For each alert string sent by a Novatel device to the server, the server will generate an email message that will be sent to up to 3 email addres...
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  • UC864-G anyone?

    Anyone got stock of the Telit UC864-G? I'm not looking for a compatible module.
    Edward McLaughlin
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  • Telit GL865 dual serial port problem

    Hello,   I'm working on a project with Telit GL865 dual module. I have a problem connecting GL865 to PC (for sending AT commands). Module itself turns on afer 3.8V applied on VBATT and VBATT_PA; PWRMON goes hig...
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  • 5 ways to optimize your M2M SIM cards' data usage

    A lot of people ask how to reduce the connectivity costs for M2M/IoT applications. I wanted to share some tips with you;   Here is the link to my blog post: Optimize your M2M SIM cards' data usage - 5 top tips |...
    Alper Celik
    created by Alper Celik
  • ¿Cómo hacer uso de M2M en México?

    Buenas tardes comunidad   Deseamos como empresa comenzar a hacer uso del servicio M2M en México, desconocemos si es posible contratar con Jasper en el País.
    Jazmin Cruz
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  • Webinar: Protecting your Intellectual Property in an IoT World

    Join Flexera Software to learn the following: Piracy is only the tip of the iceberg when protecting IP WEBINAR: 21st October 2015 15:00 London 10:00 New York 18:00 Dubai Fairly protect your IP and reduce risk as a...
    Izabela Prońko
    created by Izabela Prońko
  • Telit GPRS Connection

    I am using a Telit GL865-Dual V3. I am trying to connect and send data to a server over TCP. After using the sequence of commands:   AT#GPRS=1<CR><LF> AT&K<CR><LF> AT#SKTD=0,8344,"x...
    Victor Mwangi
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  • Looking for a method to HTTP POST SMS messages to Web Server

    Hi there   I am looking to improve my current infrastructure/method of deliverying SMS messages to my web server via HTTP POST   currently, in the alpha stage i was in, I wrote an APK that runs on a smartp...
    tom zamir
    created by tom zamir
  • Internet of things whitepaper

    INE-STEP sequence to enable diverse enterprises to create a clear IoT strategy that cuts through the noise and complexity and establishes a common framework to leverage connected product families across an organizatio...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • MDM.send() gives attribute not found error

    Hello team, I am new to modem world, please bare with me if this question isnt up to the mark of experts here. I am trying to send AT commands to modem and receive response using python. I am able to test few comman...
    gol spur
    created by gol spur
  • SIM900 with AT&T

    HI,   I am in the very early prototype phase of a project (actually doing a proof of concept) that utilizes a SIM900 attached to an Arduino for prototyping.  For service I am using a AT&T GoPhone SIM (u...
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  • Sim900 loses connection to network

    HI Group, FIrst post here, but I'm running out of options. Based in the UK, we have designed a modem with a sim900 which uploads data to a server. After working for a number of days, the unit loses connection to the ...
    Bob Carter
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  • Telemetry with wify module

    Hi everyone, i'm new both in this community and in the M2M world and i'd like to ask a question regarding how to connect to a remote machine using a 3g router with a M2M sim.   In my case i have some industrial...
    Alex Ve
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