• Which embedded antenna to select for your LPWAN / NB-IoT module?

    Embedded LPWAN & NB-IoT antenna consideration  On first quick look the choosing of the right integrated antenna for LPWAN & NB-IoT looks easy. In comparison to the large number of LTE bands the selection ...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann
  • WIFI Rotuers in bus & public space application

    There are many kinds of WIFI Routers, what kind of functions/characteristics you think is useful in bus & public space application? 1. security 2. speed 3. stability and signal strength 4. no annoying register...
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  • Need to send email alerts from Novatel SA-G+ 2-digital-input wireless telemetry devices via server.

    Seeking freelancer for small project: Project Description:   For each alert string sent by a Novatel device to the server, the server will generate an email message that will be sent to up to 3 email addres...
    last modified by Bill Carpenter Jr
  • UC864-G anyone?

    Anyone got stock of the Telit UC864-G? I'm not looking for a compatible module.
    Edward McLaughlin
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  • Telit GL865 dual serial port problem

    Hello,   I'm working on a project with Telit GL865 dual module. I have a problem connecting GL865 to PC (for sending AT commands). Module itself turns on afer 3.8V applied on VBATT and VBATT_PA; PWRMON goes hig...
    last modified by rvr
  • 5 ways to optimize your M2M SIM cards' data usage

    A lot of people ask how to reduce the connectivity costs for M2M/IoT applications. I wanted to share some tips with you;   Here is the link to my blog post: Optimize your M2M SIM cards' data usage - 5 top tips |...
    Alper Celik
    created by Alper Celik
  • ¿Cómo hacer uso de M2M en México?

    Buenas tardes comunidad   Deseamos como empresa comenzar a hacer uso del servicio M2M en México, desconocemos si es posible contratar con Jasper en el País.
    Jazmin Cruz
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  • Webinar: Protecting your Intellectual Property in an IoT World

    Join Flexera Software to learn the following: Piracy is only the tip of the iceberg when protecting IP WEBINAR: 21st October 2015 15:00 London 10:00 New York 18:00 Dubai Fairly protect your IP and reduce risk as a...
    Izabela Prońko
    created by Izabela Prońko
  • Telit GPRS Connection

    I am using a Telit GL865-Dual V3. I am trying to connect and send data to a server over TCP. After using the sequence of commands:   AT#GPRS=1<CR><LF> AT&K<CR><LF> AT#SKTD=0,8344,"x...
    Victor Mwangi
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  • Looking for a method to HTTP POST SMS messages to Web Server

    Hi there   I am looking to improve my current infrastructure/method of deliverying SMS messages to my web server via HTTP POST   currently, in the alpha stage i was in, I wrote an APK that runs on a smartp...
    tom zamir
    created by tom zamir
  • Internet of things whitepaper

    INE-STEP sequence to enable diverse enterprises to create a clear IoT strategy that cuts through the noise and complexity and establishes a common framework to leverage connected product families across an organizatio...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • MDM.send() gives attribute not found error

    Hello team, I am new to modem world, please bare with me if this question isnt up to the mark of experts here. I am trying to send AT commands to modem and receive response using python. I am able to test few comman...
    gol spur
    created by gol spur
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  • SIM900 with AT&T

    HI,   I am in the very early prototype phase of a project (actually doing a proof of concept) that utilizes a SIM900 attached to an Arduino for prototyping.  For service I am using a AT&T GoPhone SIM (u...
    last modified by GroupIII
  • Sim900 loses connection to network

    HI Group, FIrst post here, but I'm running out of options. Based in the UK, we have designed a modem with a sim900 which uploads data to a server. After working for a number of days, the unit loses connection to the ...
    Bob Carter
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  • Telemetry with wify module

    Hi everyone, i'm new both in this community and in the M2M world and i'd like to ask a question regarding how to connect to a remote machine using a 3g router with a M2M sim.   In my case i have some industrial...
    Alex Ve
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  • Command AT+CGATT? show always 0

    Hello,   I've got a problem with my device (Wavecom m1206b). I'm trying to link this device to my computer and hope to have internet connexion throught GPRS.   I've got my sim card out ouf my mobile phone...
    last modified by Sébastien Legrand
  • Starting Jasper API integration Error code:400200

    Dear All     We just recently used the Jasper API (or any APIs for that matter) For starters I referred to the API documentation (for GetModifiedTerminals request) and it says there that required child are ...
    Claude Dev
    created by Claude Dev
  • low volume M2M plans

    I'm looking for recommendations for an M2M plan that would be most cost effective for low volumes - both data and number of devces. This would be for in-house use in network and security monitoring and would likely no...
    last modified by Tom Metro
  • The Tower of Babel has a new name – LPWAN

    Tower of BabelLPWAN SigFox:SigFox has already a few public radio networks. Nevertheless, there is non in Germany. LPWAN LoRa:In my opinion, there is no LoRa. There are several LoRa’s. At LoRa, there are quite a ...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann