• Sample Size for Deployment Quality

    Looking for information regarding the correct sample size for M2M initial deployment. Putting the hardware reliability aside, how many devices should you deploy to validate the Application in a mobile environment?
    Scott Casstevens
    created by Scott Casstevens

    Dear All, Iam  currently facing the problem poor gprs service connection in Nigeria. My POS terminal must be restarted everytime connection is required with host server. Otherwise, gprs connection will not be es...
    created by OLAYIWOLA OPOOLA
  • AT#SKTL problem

    hi; AT#SKTL=1,0,1024,255 OK +CONN FROM: CONNECT +++ NO CARRIER (Now listen is not anymore active)==> I do not want it.   (NO CARRIER) after the answer. What can I do to stay in continuou...
    john cutreal
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  • Would like to be able to diagnose GSMV radios in my shop

    I am new to concept of possibly diagnosing the GSM radios that come thru my shop. I have always needed to create a dummy account then see if signals hit our central station or upgrade firmware versions with a supplied...
    created by rlpfeifer1
  • Integrated GPS/GSM module with sensor integrated

    Dear all,   Am new to this Section.   Am looking for GPS/GSM module with Sensor Integrated. The sensor might be Tilt Or Vibration or Temperature or Motion Sensor.   Need to know can i get that type o...
    created by SAMSON PANTHI
  • Hello, THis is a request for documentation/books.

    I recently accepted a position at an M2M company and feel a little overwhelmed by the terminology thrown around.  I was hoping that some of you kind folks could provide some pointers toward some books.reference m...
    Brad Jones
    created by Brad Jones
  • Answering Machine For Start-Up Businesses

    Communication plays an important role in the overall success and growth of a business. Therefore, it is quite imperative to have the right equipment and platform to provide good quality and reliable support for your c...
    kevin bacon
    created by kevin bacon
  • kit in israel ?

    kit iot in israel ?
    hai boukris
    created by hai boukris
  • Telit GE865-QUAD Email issue

    Hi all,   I am trying to use the SMTP functionality to send an email.  I issue the following commends without issue, AT+CGDCONT (context set up), AT#SGACT (context activation), AT#ESMTP="smtp.gmail.com, AT#...
    Charles Cimaglia
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  • How to select the chinese GSM modules?

    Hi Guys,   I m rookie in M2M field, need some help from you. We are considering to use low cost modules in our tracking device.   Anyone had experience in using chinese modules? I know there are several&nb...
    last modified by Electronicman Duff
  • Needed: M2M solution with transmitters + web management console

    Our current M2M vendor was bought out by a large firm and has decided to concentrate on solutions to one industry which is, unfortunately, not mine. Our devices will be orphaned in 6 months and I am looking for a repl...
    Charlie Judson
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  • SIM failureTelit GE866

    Hello,   I have a problem with the SIM by the Telit GE866. I have a SIM holder connected to GE866 without Card Detect Pin.   I use this command "AT#SIMDET=1" to no use any detect pin, but when I send AT+CP...
    Ruben Barriuso
    created by Ruben Barriuso
  • UDP/IP to HTTP Connection

    Can anyone tell me where to find the details of how an IoT device using UDP protocol connects to a cloud server via the internet (no M2M Carrier)? The return path addressing is of concern since the UDP packet does not...
    Scott Casstevens
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  • Telit GC864-QUAD V2 Internal SIM Bug.

    Hello good people, I'm facing right now what can be qualified as a serious and difficult problem while trying to operate a Telit GC864-QUAD V2 module with internal SIM support (http://www.telit.com/products/product-s...
    Zakaria SAKAB
    created by Zakaria SAKAB
  • 3G for M2M in Canada and USA

    Hello,   I am very interested to know the progress on M2M using 3G in Canada and USA.    I am new to this and not clear on the understanding of migration (if there is??) from 2G to 3G in Canada and U...
    last modified by Brett R
  • Can a magician publish the magic tricks?

    As many already know, I am interested in antennas. My great interest is integrated antennas. Such antennas can be found in gateways for electricity meters, but also in portable point of sale systems. Even permanently ...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann
  • Certification

    Hello,   Can someone give me additional insights concerning certification process and its difference between Europe and the US?   Are there specific requirements also in Asia?   I will have to deploy...
    last modified by Umberto Levi
  • Telit GE864-QUAD SIM failures

    We have an M2M application that uses a GE864-QUAD module. This uses GPRS primarily with periodic connections (maybe 20 to 50 connections per day each around 10 minutes or so in duration) to a server. We have a probl...
    Iain Tebbutt
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  • Feedback from the IoT Meetup in Munich

    The topic on this evening was “Wireless Technologies for IoT – Antennas and Beacons”.http://www.meetup.com/IoTMunich/events/219391820/?_af_eid=219391820&_af=event&a=uc1_te Thanks to all part...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann
  • In need of a Fixed IP m2m solution!

    Hi,   We are currently investigating whether M2M is the solution we require as we are developing an industrial data logging application which will run in a remote location. The basic principles of the logging ap...
    Matt Seymour
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