• In need of ISaGraf controllers?

    Hello Community, My name is Nestor Melgar. I am an Inside Sales Engineer for ICP DAS USA, Inc. Making Data Acquisition Easier!  I am here to help you with your project. We help a wide range of industri...
    Nestor Melgar
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  • In need of a cellular modem?

    Hello Community,   A benefit of using 3G may be a wider coverage area.  2G is slowly phasing out so I recommend 3G for now.  Here's a 3G cellular modem in case you want to bring serial devices connectiv...
    Nestor Melgar
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  • Problem sending json with Telit CE910

    Hi,   I have been trying to send data in a json format to my server.   It seems I need to both assign the Content-Type: to application/json and also set Accept: to application/json The problem is I can no...
    David Gagnon
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  • Simulation of AKA algorithm of LTE

    I'm new to LTE security. Anyone please give me an idea of implementing AKA algorithm of LTE security.
    Elizabeth Thomas
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  • GL865 FTP Problem Uploading file

    Hi all, I'm having an FTP problem I'm hoping you can help me with. Im trying to upload a file to remote server.. i've succeed in creating a file, but i can't write any byte. my console output is:   AT GL OK &...
    mauro martina
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  • Telit GE865-QUAD Email issue

    Hi all,   I am trying to use the SMTP functionality to send an email.  I issue the following commends without issue, AT+CGDCONT (context set up), AT#SGACT (context activation), AT#ESMTP="smtp.gmail.com, AT#...
    Charles Cimaglia
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  • Why paying for an embedded GSM antenna if you can get the antenna for free?

    The antenna at the picture or a lot of other embedded GSM antennas  you will get free of charge. There is no reason to pay for. You just  have to spend an area of estimated 800 to 1000 mm² on your PCB. ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • GPRS Settings (PPP,APN,...) for Telus network in Canada

    Hello,   I am from Europe and I have four industrial GPRS modems (Moxa Oncell G3110) installed in Canada. They are however unable to connect to the network.   They have activated SIM cards and a data plan ...
    Koen Hoornaert
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  • Free Webinar:  Analyzing Data with Zigbee Sniffer Training

    In this Free Webinar You Will Learn About Introduction to Zigbee Technology Using Zigbee Wireless Sniffers for Data Packet Analysis SmartRF Protocol Packet Sniffer Zigbee I/O Pairing Wireless Data Acquisition wit...
    Maria Lemone
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  • Free Webinar:  How to Set up a Data Logging System in 5 Minutes

    In this Free Online training you will learn about:   1. Introduction to Data Logging Technology 2. Data Logging Equipment 3. 5 Ways to do Data Logging in 5 Minutes 4. How to Set Up a PC Based Data Logging Syst...
    Maria Lemone
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  • Do you know Caimore Vehicle WIFI Solution Advantage?

    Inside the automobile is where the always-connected lifestyle intersects with true mobility. As a key player in the connected car programs of the world’s leading automakers for more than a decade, we’re tr...
    Peter Zhang
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  • Integrated Chip set vs Module?

    Hi All,   We are in the design phase for a new device, and we are trying to determine whether we should utilize an integrated module/chipset like something from Infineon or TI, or if we just use a standard modul...
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  • Hospital for Antennas – Our first IoT M2M out-patient

    Hospital for Antennas – Our first IoT M2M out-patient   Penta band PCB antenna 40x15x0,4 mm Our patient has a name. The manufacturers have called it the Penta-band PCB antenna. More details about the firs...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Vehicle WIFI Solution Bus WIFI Car WIFI Router

    HIGH-SPEED INTERNET IS JUST A CLICK AWAY, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO.When you convert your vehicle into a traveling WiFi hotspot, you’ll always have the world at your fingertips. Our cutting-edge mobile WiFi solutio...
    Peter Zhang
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  • GSM Modem for small tracking device

    Hi Forum,   My company has created a solar powered vehicle tracker that requires a GSM cell modem.  We are currently targeting on using a Telit or Ublox modem but have found that the prices even at volume a...
    Parker Treacy
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  • RSSI measurments

    I've been using a standalone 3G modem in my lab and have noticed that the RSSI value will change from call to call or after I power cycle the unit.  I'll connect and get an RSSI of 31 which means it is equal or g...
    Tom Hanson
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  • IoT Modules vs Chips

    Hi,   Can anyone help me out in finding the real difference between IoT Modules and Chips. And under what will IoT sensors come? I also want to know the key specifications of these products.   Thanks
    nikhil sharma
    created by nikhil sharma
  • Where are the inexpensive GSM routers?

    I have a couple of Zoom Telephonics 4530 cell routers. The last one cost less than $140. All I needed to do was add a SIM card and add the correct APN, and I was on-line.   I was designing a project for a client...
    Chris Arndt
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  • Integrated GPS/GSM module with sensor integrated

    Dear all,   Am new to this Section.   Am looking for GPS/GSM module with Sensor Integrated. The sensor might be Tilt Or Vibration or Temperature or Motion Sensor.   Need to know can i get that type o...
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  • Simple 2-button M2M device

    Hi   I'm looking for simple 2-button device that looks like a PC mouse: - Cable = power supply - left button = send SMS with text 'abc1' to MSISDN xxx - right button = send SMS with text 'abc2' to MSISDN xxx ...
    Olivier Thyes
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