Developing Jasper API adaptive plug-in for IoT AEP platform. 
AZ Sher
Hi All,   I have been reading on the forum and trying to understand the concept of Global SIM which is what Vodafone as an example has globally across all the operators. Has anyone worked or knows…
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Hi Im Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe for a project im working on , im looking for 1gb, 3gb, 5gb & 10gb sims, or a 100gb pool of data that i can pull from with up to 25 sim cards, i…
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Jim Crowder
I'm hearing rumblings that AT&T may have and continues to shut down local markets for 2G.  My question is, are they really shutting down 2G prior to the Sunset date?  Or is this a misunderstanding…
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Shawn Kingston
We are developing a project that monitors oil well production and status in Colombia.  We have been using a Canadian SIM, on roaming data, but it is becoming prohibitively expensive.  I wondering if…
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suhair bana
I would like to ask , what kind of identification is used to send  critical data from M2M device to M2M server using wireless network ( Wi-Fi). for example if data is collected form  patient at home …
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We are the Distributor of GLOBAL Telecoms. Our customers are retail stores, Supper Market, Gas station. We are interesting to launch an International Roaming SIM at competitive pricing,  looking …
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Izabela Prońko
This roundtable will examine the deployment challenges operators face as they virtualise their network functions.   We’ll discuss: • Why virtualised VoLTE and virtualised CPE are the first NFV use…
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Matters Most
Ian zheng
Gateway Router for CCTV Viewing System
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Julio Colon
How can I find the PIN code associated with my sim card?
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